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Obituary of Reginaldo Antonio Cons

Reginaldo Antonio Cons, 87, passed away on December 11, 2023, in the traditional custom of the Cons family, surrounded by those he loved. Reggie was born in Chandler, AZ, on March 14, 1936, to Mauricio Cons and Belen Escandon Cons. Reggie grew up on the south side of early Chandler, attending St. Mary’s Catholic School and Chandler High School.

Reggie served as a communications specialist in the United States Army during the Korean War. One of his missions was being left behind as he sent messages as a diversion while his troop moved to a safer location. Reggie often talked about meeting with other enlisted family members in Paris and Germany. Soon after returning home to Chandler, he set out for Los Angeles, CA, to make his own way.

Reggie reconnected, married Sally Lobato, and had six (6) children. Reggie worked in the title insurance industry for nearly forty (40) years and was well known for his expertise as a title searcher. He would always receive the most challenging projects and always say yes to “Got a minute?” He loved his Ticor family, and this was reciprocated to this day.

After retiring, he built a home on his wife’s ancestral property in Miami, AZ, and spent some time working at the entry guard shack for the copper mines. He was an avid player’s club member at the Apache Gold Casino and knew his way around some scratchers.

Reggie is survived by his daughter, Yvette Roque, and sons Reggie Jr., Mark, and Darrick; grandchildren: Royce, Janaye, Loren, Amanda, Josh, Danielle, Tiffany, Chris, Briana, and Christopher Jr.

Reggie was preceded in death by his wife, Sally; his son, Christopher; his granddaughter, Asia; his parents, Mauricio “Micho” and Belen; and his sister, Celia.

Reggie had lifelong friends, and it saddened him when he had to say goodbye when each passed. We will never forget Reggie for teaching us to laugh at ourselves and, of course, taking his own medicine happily.

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