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"No one ever wants to write a review when it comes to the death of a family member but I am grateful that this one is not hard. Thank you to Legacy for the respect and care you show hurting families, your kindness matters to us. I am so grateful for the attentiveness Paige had with our family I could not imagine having anyone else help us. Thank you to Paige and the whole team for all that you do. Your kindness will never be forgotten."


"I cannot say enough about the amazing, kind, thoughtful and stellar care we received from Paige during this most challenging time. She made everything happen seamlessly while being compassionate and understanding. At a time when you need to trust someone do help you execute your loved ones final wishes you cannot go wrong with Paige and Legacy. My brother was honored and life celebrated in way that allowed us to grieve and move forward with love and dignity. Thanks again Paige you are called do work with others during such times and give your very best."


"They were helpful and compassionate in our time of need. On behalf of our whole family thank you all very much."


"Losing a loved one to death is a most difficult and overwhelming event, and a challenge to meet. Working with Kari Martin at Legacy Funeral Home provided me with the experience of necessary trust, ease and comfort, so important to the initial process of grief and healing. Her attention, kindness and gentle grace, as we moved through my husband's final arrangements, filled me with gratitude for the experience of not having to travel alone as I navigated rough waters. She was right there with me in her support."


"My mother passed at home after a long battle with cancer. We live in a mobile home with a narrow hallway leading to the bedrooms. With the hallway being so narrow it would not accommodate the gurney to get into her bedroom for transportation after her passing. The gentleman that came to transport her without hesitation & the upmost dignity, gently scooped her fragile and frail body into his arms & carried her like the angel she was out to the hearse. From beginning to end of this devastating time in our lives , Paige & the staff at Legacy Funeral Home showed us nothing but compassion & kindness. They was very attentive to our needs & we thank them for all they did. The Baker family."