Rosemary Caho

Obituary of Rosemary Caho

Rosemary Caho was born in Chicago on August 16, 1928. She lived there with her mother and father and three sbilings; Don, Bob and Dorothy. Her father was a baker. Her mother stayed home with the children.

Rosemary had a hard time in school as she had a learning disablilty. When she was old enough, she left school and went to work. She always regretted not having a high school diploma but never regretted leaving school the help her mom and family. 

She met Bud (Dellis) Caho when she was 16 years old. They were married when she was 18 on June 26, 1946. She had 2 children; Dan and Steve. The couple lived in various places over the years - Southern Illinois, Sauk Village, Illinois and various towns in Florida. A few trips and stays in Texas with Steve and Barb. Her final destination was Mesa, Arizona by Dan and Evelyn.

She loved to throw a party at holidays and special occasions. She did not want to be in the spotlight but behind the scenes making everything work. They often had family and friends over and that made her very happy. 

While the boys were growing up, they would go camping together with family and friends at Cedar Lake, Indiana. They all had a good time. She loved living by family and being able to spend time together. 

When Bud's parents and her aprents were near the end of their lives and were very ill, she took care of them. She took care of Bud for the last year of his life when he was bedridden. She never complained about the time she had to give to them. She devoted her life to helping others when and where she could.

When in Florida, she loved having family around. She kept in touch with as many family members as she could. She loved it that Steve and Barb came and spent time with them and, of  course, when Steve and/or Barb would help fix things. They enjoyed the time they had with Jenny and Michel over the years during their summer vacation time from school.

While she lived in Mesa, she got to spend time with Dan and Evelyn. She didn't get to watch their children growing up because of the distance but made up for while she was alive and here. She spent time with Lynn and Robert and Lynn's children; Zax and Lennon. In fact, Lennon and his wife, Tatiana, spent time with her on several occasions while Dan and Evelyn went on vacation. 

She actually lived with Robert for 6 years as she was unable to live alone when she first moved to Mesa. Then Robert met his wife, Jamie, and they moved in together. She then moved in with Dan and Evelyn and lived with them the last 7 years of her life. 

Rosemary had some falls during those last years but it was an infection that finally took her life. She passed away on June 8, 2023 at 10:30am. She is now in heaven with Bud and not in pain, able to remember everything, and able to do all the things that had slowly disappeared from her life. She will be missed by everyone that knew her and loved her!

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