Mesa (480) 508-6888 | Chandler (480) 963-6200
Sun City (623) 977-3435 | Allen Cremation (480) 725-9696

At Legacy Funeral Home we realize that in this economy, budgets are stretched to the limit. It doesn’t have to be expensive to honor your loved one, and celebrate their legacy. We are happy to offer affordable packages for all of your funeral needs. Here are some of our many options, or feel free to create your own celebration. Our funeral experts can help you NOW 24/7 hours a day. Call now for pricing.

Chandler: 480-963- 6200

Mesa: 480-508- 6888

Sun City: 623-977 3435

Allen Cremation Center: 480-725- 9696

We also specialize in doing International shipouts (translados a Mexico) or to other funeral homes orcountries. We work with several consulates such as the Mexican Consulate, Guatemalan Consulate and the El Salvadorian Consulate.

We have a Spanish HELPLINE and phone number

Servicios Funebre – Traslados a México: 602-743- 1000