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Cremation Services

Why you should choose A Legacy Funeral Home?

Our families have expressed to us several misconceptions and concerns in regards to the cremation process. After listening to their worries, we decided to invest in our own crematory. Our crematory is here on site to ensure our families with total peace of mind that their loved ones are in our care! Also, many of our families believe that they can’t have a funeral service, visitation or memorial service after picking cremation over a burial. This is absolutely not the case – We are 100% supportive in our families having services. In addition, we encourage all families to consider holding a memorial service. Memorial Services provide a chance for friends and family to say goodbye through a final viewing before the cremation.

At Legacy Funeral Home we have cremation urns for the right one for you. Discover our cremated human remain urns of all types, sizes and styles to get assist with placing your loved one in urn. Consider how the urn will be used, for instance is it a memorial service or for burial? Do you want to display a beautiful wood cremation urn or highly crafted metal urn at home? We have biodegradable urns for burial on land or in the water and even urns you can plant to grow into a tree. We have many more catalogs in our funeral locations.